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Presentation of the inquiry "Precarietà nova" to Humboldt University of Berlin

Monday 12 november 2018

H. 18:00, @ Room 1066e, main building of the Humboldt University (Unter den Linden, 6 - Berlin)

Since the development of the Bologna Process European-level education reform plan, dated 1998, the university curricula are increasingly conceived and structured to satisfy labour market and companies. This isparticularly true in the last years, where reforms have been adopted at a national level, gradually eroding established education systems, in the context of an acceleration of the neoliberal agenda.
Through a militant inquiry, the book addresses the outcomes of these reforms and, more in general, the experience of students dealing with the many aspects of neoliberalism: university and school reforms, worsening working conditions and the transformation of the city they're living in.
The imagine depicted is a landscape of precarity where people are constantly kept alone in a process that binds exploitation and  the atomisation of social relations. The increasing "flexibility" that particularly affects the labour market is reflected in the university and, in the end, characterises all the aspects of the contemporary life
in the neoliberal society.
Thus, university appears as a sort of "training" to get used to the precarity of the market labour and, ultimately, of life.

After the presentation of the book and the inquiry beyond it, there will
be time to discuss.

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